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Our organization is built by former members of the military, industry, and academia. We don’t focus on titles and pay scales. We focus on YOU. We enable our customers to take charge of their future with proactive, positive, direct steps to establish a life-long career in concert with a balanced and loving family while simultaneously realizing their life goals.

Jeffrey C. Horne, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired) - CEO & Founder

Jeffrey C. Horne, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)

Jeff founded IVET with Perry Casto shortly after he retired from the US Army in 2010 and then transitioned into Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company as an Executive Program Manager. Helping the Troops take charge of their future is Jeff’s passion. Throughout his demanding, diverse 30-year military career, he and his wife Terri have helped thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen keep balance in their everyday lives. Jeff spent his last 6 years in uniform defining leading-edge programs to help wounded veterans transition out of the hospital system and transition programs. These were all in addition to his multiple ground-breaking jobs in Missile Defense, Space, and Ground/Air Combat operations. Jeff’s last position as the Director of Human Resources Programs and Policy enabled him to both update Army HR and family programs and also expand its efforts in soldier/family transition programs, counter-suicide efforts, family and well-being programs, and diversity efforts. Jeff is also an advisor on multiple boards and DoD efforts that create innovative opportunities for Veterans and their Families.

Robert S. Verhey - Director of Corporate Products & Services

Robert S. Verhey

Bob Verhey is a great catch for our IVET team – he is exceptionally dedicated to Veterans, Wounded Warriors, members of the National Guard and Reserve as well as all military families. He has a wealth of successes and accomplishments in Entrepreneurial and Corporate businesses, and specializes in achieving entrepreneurial and executive team excellence. Having experienced a successful career as a CEO, Senior executive, and operating entrepreneur Bob chooses now to guide others so they may also succeed. Bob’s current passions evolve around the young adults graduating from college or returning from their military service. He provides successful programs, mentoring and coaching directly and indirectly to help young adults understand their capabilities and challenges, and how they can best launch their adult lives to achieve personal happiness and professional success for themselves and their families. Bob coaches entrepreneurs and executives to understand the power of their dreams, the initiatives necessary for accomplishment, the wisdom of a high-performance culture, the motivation to lead and succeed, and the requirements to rise to the top of their individual and collective potentials. Mr. Verhey has also launched companies in medical devices for blood chemistry and mammography, Northstar Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe, facsimile and e-mail technologies, managed care, cellular therapy, diabetes self-management, the management of soft-investments, and the new sciences of learning for educating middle-school students.

Gerald (Jerry) Gochenour - Executive Vice President

Gerald (Jerry) Gochenour

Jerry specializes in developing applications and delivery models using current and emerging technologies. He is currently project consultant for several technology intense projects. He has served as a consultant to Apple Computer, Inc. in the development and management of key education software projects and is a successful educator (principal, administrator and professor), a seasoned consultant to industry, a CIO and a business developer. He has organized and managed large-scale projects in education, technology, marketing, and sales; and has been highly involved in developing educational strategies involving student centered learning, integration of technology and involving the entire community in project implementations. Jerry is an experienced leader and manager with responsibility for large numbers of professional employees. He has been directly involved in human resources, training, evaluation, revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Jerry’s current work includes providing educational and commercial consulting in the design and implementation of technology-based strategies for education and learning to Apple Computer, 3M, Compaq, HP, and numerous educational institutions. Areas of focus are Student Centered Learning, Technology Integration, One to One Learning (one student, one computer) and Technology Sales Strategy Development. Dr. Gochenour has a Ph.D. in Education Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, a MS in Educational Technology, and a BA in Science Education, all from Ohio State University.

Jamilia Shipman - Director of Development & Marketing

Jamilia Shipman

Jamilia is the Director of Development and Marketing. Jamilia was most recently the Director of Corporate Relations with Operation Homefront and was responsible for raising money to support programs and services nationwide to benefit military families. Shipman has served both local and national nonprofits raising money to support youth development programs and affordable housing.

Ms. Shipman, a Hampton Roads native, is a graduate of Christopher Newport University. She earned a master's degree in Philanthropy and Development from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Hampton Roads Chapter; and serves on the boards of Damascus Outreach Association and the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation.

Charles Brown - Director of Employer, Mentor & Leadership Programs

Charles Brown

Senior Chief (USN Retired) Charles J. Brown III. Charlie served 21 years and retired in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. He then joined the City of Norfolk and formed the Bureau of Enterprise Solutions and established the office of Business Process Management. He facilitated, coached, and assisted the City’s executive leaders and front line supervisors and workers to improve and automate processes throughout the City. While with the City he became certified and practiced as anchor facilitator of the FranklinCovey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for 8 years, brought the methodology of the 4 Disciplines of Execution to the City and championed its implementation and establishment as a certified Manager of the process for 4 years. He is now with FranklinCovey as the business developer for the 4 Disciplines of Execution in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Charlie is an AIIM certified Business Process Management Practitioner, a Toastmaster, and a Master Training Specialist. He has served as Chair and board member of the Hampton Roads Quality Management Community, a volunteer coach and consultant for the Hampton Roads Partnership, and a founding member and board member of the Lafayette Wetlands Partnership. A citizen-based organization committed to neighborhood stewardship of urban wetlands. He is the father of 5, one son and four daughters, with 5 grandchildren, 1 granddaughter (born on his 50th birthday) and 4 grandsons.

Robert F. Dees - Author IVET Resilience Programs

Robert F. Dees

Bob served in the U.S. Army and attained the rank of Major General. He was the vice director for operational plans and interoperability for the Department of Defense After he officially retired from the U.S. military on January 1, 2003, he worked for the next two years as the Executive Director of Defense Strategies for Microsoft Corporation In 2005 he became the executive director of Bill Bright founded Military Ministry focusing on soldiers coming home from the war with post traumatic stress.

General Dees was also awarded the 2003 Centurion Award by the National Association for Evangelicals for long term support to chaplains while in command positions. Bob is the author of a trilogy of books on resiliency. The books in the trilogy are Resilient Warriors, Resilient Leaders, and Resilient Nations.

Terri Horne - Director of Financial Services

Terri Horne

Terri is proud to join the IVET team in support of her passion to help Veterans. She has over 10 years as an accountant with her most recent position before being recruited by IVET was as Chief of Finance Operations (CFO) at SERVISTAR. Over the last 10 years she proved to be an exceptional strategic asset to small and mid-size companies in financial and business operations, office management, and logistics. She knows all aspects of corporate operations. She has 36 years as a military wife, with 28 moves, multiple overseas tours, countless long-term operational deployments, and multiple years of her spouse deploying over 8 months a year. She has won multiple awards for innovation in military family support and spouse group leader training. She knows first-hand the difficulty of transitioning to new places and finding career jobs. She is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. Terri received her BA in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.

Richard (Rich) Santiago, PhD - VP Hispanic Recruiting, Outreach and Innovation

Richard (Rich) Santiago

Dr Santiago has been associated with IVET for several years first as a client, then as a coach, and now, following his Army retirement and achieving his PhD in diversity. We are so tremendously fortunate to land a professional such as Richard. He believe he has witnessed IVET’s strong commitment for Hispanic veterans and their families and joined us because of our demonstrated outstanding commitment to empowering transitioning military of all types, services, and backgrounds.

Richard began his military service in 1985 upon enlisting in the Puerto Rico National Guard and then spent 25 years on active duty. His most recent position was leading financial efforts for the Army’s installation Command, the group that is most directly involved with providing family and transition serves to our Soldiers. His experience leading multiple complex financial management efforts at all levels of the Army, culminating with his leadership at the Department of the Army, and Joint Staff.

He is also the Student Veterans Association Faculty Advisor and Chair, International Management for Apollos University as well as a member of the Advisory Board in Business for the Colorado Technical University. Dr. Santiago earned his PhD in Business Management with specialization in leadership from Capella University. His doctoral research focused on employing Hispanics leaders, who were bicultural or have internalized two cultures, for managing diversity in multicultural teams while enhancing creativity in organizations, which enabled him to coach and mentor individuals who were Hispanic as well as from the US and Asia.

Stephanie Lara - Public Affairs Producer

Stephanie Lara

Stephanie Lara, Public Affairs/Producer, is eager and inspired in her career with IVET. Stephanie recently graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Communication Studies. Her specialties of communications, technology, branding, market analysis/segmentation are amazing attributes in a company like IVET SOLUTIONS that is focused on technology, innovation, and social support. Stephanie’s love of helping other people especially our military is what captivated her to want to join our team. Her passion for research, brand development, and data analysis is what sets her apart from everyone else in the industry. She’s proven these great skills with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett-Packard. She was also awarded best strategy in an international environment supporting Mexico. She is ready to help our military member and veterans by bringing a new perspective to the company, and ensuring that her contributions lead to better benefits for the millions of people that have made sacrifices for us.


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