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IVET is looking for support from any resource that will help Armed Forces veterans and their family obtain educational credentials and stable satisfying employment. Your help is vital to support all those who have sacrificed and put their life on the line serving our country.

We Welcome:

  • EMPLOYERS who want to help us and themselves find pre-qualified, solid candidates for employment through our program.
  • EDUCATORS & INSTITUTES of ACADEMIA who want to work with us to place our veterans and/or their immediate family member into educational programs that best fit their goals through our Educational Assessment program.
  • PHILANTHROPIC DONORS who believe in our cause and can donate funding to help pay the costs incurred for evaluating, educating and assisting our veterans and their family's goal of obtaining a secure future through our program.
  • NATIONAL VETERAN-FOCUSED SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS who want to help us get the word out to veterans and their family's across the nation about a solid advocacy group that brings together the best resources in education, employment, and mentorship in overall support towards their success.

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