How We Help Our Veterans

Our Mission

The Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET): To voice and provide assistance to Veterans and their families.

Our Commitment

IVET is a nonprofit organization that teams with the best in industry and the best educators to meet a tough demand of helping our heroes find the solutions they need at ZERO cost to them.

We offer a unique program that focuses on on empowering YOU, the Transitioning Wounded Warrior, Veteran, Guard, or Reserve member, as you seek educational and, or job choices that ultimately yield a solid career. This program also helps provide financial assistance to Spouses and children in your family to help pursue academic success.

We want to help businesses on Main Street USA to understand why they should hire those with military experience. We team with participants to find a long-term career solution for your career while providing a work-life balance options you and your family.

Our intensive communications and technology options provide fast, relevant, success-oriented approaches to get Military Members quickly into the workforce and to help families deal with the changes associated with military transition.

Our Calling

To prove that trained, well-educated Veterans and Spouses provide a superior, loyal and long-lasting Employee product for today’s Employers from the small business to the giant corporations. No one can make the successful transition alone; we all need help and support.

What We Provide

  • Post 9-11 GI Bill utilization planning
  • Education application assistance
  • Financial Counseling
  • We provide a one-stop service for you to connect you to a company that wants you
  • We connect you with a job/internship, an academic/technical training regimen, and a mentor that sticks with you for years
  • We provide a unique, integrated, collaborative approach to enable a long-lasting career matching your cognitive skills
  • Family support; a career is important to both of you

For the Wounded Warriors, Vets, Guard, and Reserve (And Families):

IVET provides an integrated portfolio of services to assist those with military experience, industry, educational skill and local communities to plan and execute their futures together. This joint and collaborative effort encourages transitioning military members to join forces with employers, educators and various providers to launch a successful career and not just land a job. We monitor critical corporate labor shortages. We mentor and encourage you to complete the required education where it is necessary to meet the needs of the employer and to advance more quickly in your chosen field. We also provide tools and techniques to help you achieve a life-balance of family, relationships, health and professional needs. Working hand in hand with IVET, you will emerge as the best employee available on the market equipped with the tools to ensure your physical, mental and financial health.


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