Education Grants to Military Veteran Family Members – Financial Assistance for Eligible Children to Study Higher Education- Newport News, VA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 07, 2015

While there is no way to truly repay the services given to the country by the military personnel and their families, making education grants to military veteran family members available for them is the heartfelt act of a grateful nation. IVET's education grants are availed to need-based military children who are struggling to meet the rising expenses related to enrolling and studying in college.

It is heartwarming to know that the country is awakening to the sacrifice that our warfighters make for our country. But it is also heartwarming to know that our country is awakening to the sacrifices that our veteran's family members make for our country.

Spouses and children have to endure spending their younger years with an absent mother or father. There are even children who may spend most of their school years moving from one military base to another. Often times this renders a spouse unable to secure employment due to the need to be at home or the inability to promise an employer a long-standing commitment to the new job. These "heroes at home" need your support which is why IVET offers veteran spouse education grants, and by so doing are changing the lives of this most deserving segment of our country.

IVET provides education grants to military veteran family members as a due reward to the dedicated members of the armed forces and their families when the circumstance of service to the armed forces of America place challenges upon life that most of us never realize. Spouses and children of active-duty, retired, or deceased military personnel can apply for scholarship programs for which they may be eligible.

To learn about the available education grants for military children, contact The Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET).

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