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A New Social Platform

- Monday, October 12, 2015

A new social platform is launching right now at AUSA



AUSA this year is more than just your annual convention. This year you have the opportunity to join and take part in building the largest military family based social media platform on earth!

On October 12th-14th at the AUSA convention in Washington, D.C. IVET solutions has assembled a team to recruit members into the world's most powerful military community.

IVET team members (look for the black shirts and joinUS logo) will be working the convention floor and asking you to register into the IVET military family community, powered by uSync™ - uSync creates community through integrating common social tasks in new and inspiring ways. uSync was designed from the ground up to be responsive to the user, their needs and their privacy rights. uSync begins with you. Joining IVET on uSync gives veterans and active duty military a place to interact with peers, tell their stories, share their passions, gain valuable insight on reintegration and career options, and gain access to an enormous wealth of services.  Help us help veterans and military families - REGISTER!

Creating a profile on uSync will give you free access to ALL of IVET Solutions events and will keep you updated with what is happening throughout AUSA as well as have you automatically enter in contests to win prizes valued at up to $500 daily.

Invite friends and family also to joinUS on uSync to show the support we have for our military and to increase your chances in winning prizes. The more people register the more chances you have to win and help veterans worldwide.

Make sure to make registering on uSync your first order of business at AUSA.  Help us provide the voice and community where veterans and military members and their families can share and be heard worldwide.

Join IVET on uSync!

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