Scholarship Grant Application

Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the online scholarship application form.  The online form below empowers your to upload supporting documents that you want the scholarship committee to consider.  <Click Here> for questions regarding the IVET scholarship or scholarship application process.


  • Must have a 3.2 GPA or Higher
  • Proof of Military Service (All Branches)
  • High School Senior / College Transcripts)

  • Must Be One of the Following:

  • Current Active Duty or Veteran, or
  • Military Spouse, or
  • Military Child (Age 24 or Under)

  • Things (comment fields or file uploads) that will strengthen your application:

  • High School / College Transcripts
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or other social media links
  • Recommendation letters (Professional, Academic, and/or Personal)
  • Other things that you are proud of

  • Mandatory Upload:

  • Minimum 250 words about what you have learned about the military, why it makes you proud, and what you think you might be able to do to help people in your new career after you graduate from high school or college

  • Purpose of the IVET Scholarship Program

    The purpose of the IVET Scholarship Fund is provide financial support for military spouses and dependents who courageously stand by their service member or veterans as they uphold our nation during times of peace and conflict. The Scholarship Fund is just one small way to say thank you and recognize the sacrifices that military families make everyday. Funds will be given to spouses and children who can demonstrate a financial need. Funds can be used but are not limited to the following: community college courses, technical certifications, iVET transition courses, Franklin Covey leadership programs, resiliency and recovery courses. Application deadline:  1 June 2018.

    Complete the form below to submit your application for IVET Scholarship funding:

    To upload multiple documents, click "Browse" for each one you wish to upload.

    Note: All funds will be paid directly to the school/training program.

    (Application Deadline:  1 June 2018)
    Upload (or mail) all documentation to:
    IVET Scholarship/Grant Committee
    11224 Beechwood Pointe
    Smithfield VA, 23430

    (All funds will be paid directly to the school/training institution)


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